Only The Strong Survive.



The founder and main leader of Punisherz. He also goes by the name of Wagondork130. Very deadly pro and has defeated many top players in the game. Even though very skilled hes still a friendly person.



Another founder of Punisherz and a very friendly leader. She doesnt play stickarena very much but she gives effort. Shes not the worse and she aint half bad but she does bite.




Rolando aka Ro is the final leader of Punisherz. This semi pro has been with .shav3rz. most of the time. Hes a cool dude and doesn't play alot of stickarena. When he does he can give you a great game.




One of our best players in the clan. Went by the name Foxpaw, Ownagesss, Mr.Ownt, Googed. He has trained many and played against the best players of all time. Never backs down and always ready for the unexpected. 



A semi pro with some good aim and rushes. Not known by many but hes getting up there. Doesn't play alot of stickarena but he gives effort.



Joined back in 09. Now a Main leader in Punisherz, eddy has been through alot of us as he developed better skills. Likes to use the glock and Ak and always tries his best in every game.



Joined Punisherz a week around when it was created, Soul has been a loyal player and an unstoppable force. His rushes and corners are deadly. His 2v2 skills are pornographic. This guy is one of Pun's top players and a very good friend of ours. Rejoined the new Punisherz so get ready noobs.



Has been in many top clans and decided to join Punisherz. Skilled in pods and mostly uses glock. Very fun to play with ;D and a good rapper lol. He can be humorous in the chatroom but when it comes to sab, oh man.



A rising legend and always training to become better, ru5 is another underestimated player. He packs good cornering and trickery rushes. Never gives up after a loss and will keep on playing until he wins.



Returned to sab after a 2 year retirement. He works on regaining his true skill. Even in his rust, he has some outstanding cornering and rushes. Still has that oldgen play style.



One of the most friendliest people you can talk to also a very skilled pro. This semi pro has no remorse when it comes to owning. He does not stop until you are down. Gets better and better after every game. Glad to have him in our team.



 Alright. He is probably one of the greatest players I have ever seen. One of the best players in my opinion. He just does not lose games when he trys, sometimes he still doesn't try and wins. One of the best players to ever hit stickarena and glad to have him in our team.



Kelsey or Queen as i like to call her, is a great new addition to the clan. She has been playing quite a while and decided to join us.  She isnt half bad and outshine others in aiming. 

Punisherz Legends [ OldPuns ] [Retired]

blastystick - blastystick is one of the first to join Punisherz. He has great aiming and great rushes. Hes very friendly. Hes currently in a football team so he doesnt get on as much. Or thats what i think. He is very loyal to the clan and is a great role model as well.

 thRank4.gif Rank 4 image by Boris5428798laughters. - A leader of Punisherz. She might not be the best at stickarena, but she is a great role model to the future members. She is not shy to meet new people. She is a very interesting person to talk to. Shes loyal to us so shes a keeper.


dug - Dug is probably the best in Punisherz. He has the best corners and is nearly undefeated in games. Basically he is unstoppable.

jhonny.honey - One of the top 3 best in Punisherz. He has good cornering and aim as well. Teams with .shav3rz. or dug and can make you add a war loss to your war record.

Stick Arena Rank.rosy. - A very skilled pro in Punisherz with great rushes and cornering. She will punish anyone in her path. She is also very friendly to her members.
.s0u1, (.g3t.punish3d.) - Another rising pro in Punisherz. He is very skilled and likes to play in xgen hq and trench run. If you play this pro, he will make you cry your heart out.

55tom55 - One of the toughest players in Punisherz with high semi pro skills. He is willing to become the best he can be and will never back down a fight.

darkprince - A Punisherz mod with some good skills in Xgen Hq and other arenas.

 ray23 - A good player in stickarena that likes playing pros .

bashercrasherzxxx - A very good player and one of the friendliest people in Punisherz. He likes using the ak-47.

ghostfacekillah130 - A rising pro who is eager to learn new techniques. He tries his hardest to win any game.

bosna.clan.leader - Bosna is a good player in stickarena.

hollywoood130 - Another founder of Punisherz and a very friendly leader. She doesnt play stickarena very much but she gives effort. Shes not the worse and she aint half bad but she does bite.