Only The Strong Survive.

This is our recent Punisherz History. Its still being typed.

July. 2009

The Punisherz Clan was formed and just started. .shav3rz. and hollywoood130 founded the clan after a discussion of being bored and thinking of making a clan just for the summer. We did not expect to war a clan so soon. So we did and defeated Secret Agent Clan. .shav3rz. recruited some of his members from his old Slangaz clan. It was a well put out clan. The clan was going well. We also defeat other clans like Warrior and Pbk. .shav3rz. also nominated a list of the finest members to become clan president.

August. 2009

Blastystick also know as Secret Agent Leader who decided to join us to make the clan stronger, became the clan president. He was in charge of being an owner and a leader to keep the clan running smoothly. We fell into a screen war against The Mystic Empire, who would later become one of our greatest opponents. We defeated Mystic.King and assasin60 in the mystic war. After that, Mystic.King decided to join punisherz and would later become a close friend to .shav3rz. We fell into a short depression. We didnt have any wars comming nor did we expect any.

September. 2009

Clan 5 Star came to Punisherz Chatbox and spammed us, calling us noobs that were afraid to war. .shav3rz. had enough and accepted the war. He sent his two best players who were also in the allie clan, Hxc. .shav3rz. expected the first lost. Jhonny.Honey came back after the first round telling us we won. .shav3rz. gained hope and after the second round we defeated Clan 5 Star in war. They rewarred us and we owned them again. This made .shav3rz. feel Punisherz was a better clan then he thought. Later on this month we defeated Noob Bashers, Spectors, and other clans. We were still undefeated and we planned on keeping it that way. The other founder of the clan , hollywoood130, was demoted from the clan because she was inactive which meant she didn't care about the clan. This would make Punisherz stronger in the future by having strong leaders and strong loyal members by his side. This was suppose to be the month where Punisherz died but because of its success, we kept it alive.


October. 2009

Things were going well until .shav3rz. computer corrupted for like 2 weeks and a half. He was worried his members would take off and his clan would be inactive. He told his special someone, laughters, to tell his members his cp broke and to stay active. They followed the orders. .shav3rz. came back and everything was back into place also defeating Reblion in war. We also defeated S.A.B. Mafia twice and The Mystic Empire twice.


November. 2009

.shav3rz. decided to strenghten his leadership structure and enforce more clan rules while recruiting members. He decided to demote some members that would be a threat to Punisherz. We defeated Rdm twice in war. The second time was the noobiest war ever. Rdm would become the noobiest clan ever warred against so far by Punisherz. We also defeated Tfe, Star, and other clans. The Mystic Empire, which was one of Punisherz most closest allies, died. Mystic.King rarely gets on at a cp. He always is on his Nintendo Wii. It makes him a loyal member by being active. We defeat Eternal Kings when havok leaves.  Overall this was a bad month for owning.


December 2009

Things were changing in Punisherz clan. We received more activity and have recruited more proz. Our website was made new. More proz clan decided to war us like Venality and Skillz Unleashed. We won both war as well as several other wars. .shav3rz. and his members were getting better at sa punishing anyone in their way. Our last war was against Sa Gangstas. The team of .shav3rz. and Rosy won both round giving us our 42th win. This was just the beginning of the Punisherz Clan. We would get into more serious wars later on in the future.


January 2010

Punisherz came to the new year. Shaverz computer got a virus and was unable to play sa. He was able to access sa later on but was unable to get any wars. We were beginning to lose activity. We needed a plan so everything would be ok.


February 2010

We had returning members from the past and new recruits. We came out of our sleep and defeated some low clans and some semis. Our chat became more active as we got more members. Most of us got better at SAB. We were just getting better and better.


March 2010

We started getting more better at SAb and were getting to be a more active war clan. .shav3rz. and mystic.king kept punishing in wars. We defeated clans like Galaxy and TSW.

April 2010

We noticed inactivity in our clan. Alot of members started quitting and "retiring". We needed activity so we merged with Legendz War Clan giving Mystic.Magician owner spot in our chat. We defeated joker clan easily in war as well.


It feels like forever since Punisherz has died. I still remember it like it was just yesterday. Most of our members left or "retired". .shav3rz. got a job and began working so he left the clan to die. His coleaders vanished into cyberspace. Punisherz was long forgotten. At the same time, Stickarena was lacking players online. Most of the greatest legends left the game. So basically everything was going downhill.

 A year and a half later..

November 2011

.shav3rz. decided to comeback after boredom of playing games like Call of Duty and Battlefield 3. He misses the clan life and the people he met through the years of stickarena. He decided to come back with a clan called Final Domination, leading it with fellow ex punisherz members Soul and Mystic King. However, it was not successful due to the lack of Soul's part of the clan and the structure. So Soul left to join Divinity and .shav3rz. made Final Domination die. He decided to bring back the one clan that had all the good epic pwning times, Punisherz. He brought back Punisherz from the mists along with Mystic.King and Ed36 by his side. We recruited new members and worked our way to obtaining our prime skill. We also warred OldSkoolKillerz and slapped them. This is a brand new fresh start and we plan our best to bring back those great times. Overall this was a great month and the beginning of the 2nd era of Punisherz.


December 2011

We were beginning to return to our top shape. So much has happened this month. For example, We defeated some clans and lost to one. .shaverz. decided to stop being underground and compete with the top clans of this generation. At this time we are the top 6th clan on stickarena. We also received alot of new members. OniSamurai being the best one and received owner status. Eddy became main leader with Punisherz. .shav3rz. decided to share his power. Better has yet to come.


January 2012

It was the new year and also a new beginning for Punisherz. We decided to demote people that would become a threat and a threat they were. We lost two wars but also won a few wars. We increased in activity and also gained loyal members in the team. However some members couldn't go on due to school or matters related to it. Overall this was a pretty decent month like any other month. Nothing real special.


February 2012

Same as last month It was a pretty slow month. Only two wars was done. However we did receive more activity and new members. Most of the time was used training aiming, training, and ranking up. Pretty decent month.