Only The Strong Survive.

Skillz Unleashed 3/5 War


Round 1Photobucket

Round 2Photobucket

Round 3s.u round 3

Admit Defeats.u admit defeat

Sa Gangstas 2/3 War

Declaresa wankstas declare

Round 1sa wankstas round 1

Round 2sa wankstas round 2

Admit Defeatsa wankstas admit

Labpass Owners 2/3 War

We did the warmy. He leaves and doesnt bother finsihing the war. So i guess that gives me the win .

Declaredeclare lpowners

Admit Defeatlabpass owners admit?

Born To Kill 2/3 War

Declarebtk declare

Round 1btk round 1

Round 2Photobucket

Admit Defeatbtk doesnt admit

Bosna 2/3 War

Bosna shouldve never warred their own allies. 

DeclareBosna declare

Round 1bosna round 1

Round 2bosna round 2

Admit Defeatbosna doesnt admit.

Stick With Guns 2/3 War

 Declareswg declare

Round 1round 1 swg

Round 2round 2 swg

Admit Defeatadmitdeeat 1

Stick With Guns Rewar

We forgot to screen the rounds but the declare and the other admit is the proof that we won again. :D 

Declareswg rewar

Admit Defeatadmit defeat2

Renegades 2/3 War

Declarerenegades declare

 Admit Defeatrenegades admit

Renegades Rewar

Declarerenegades rewar

Round 1renegades round 1

Round 2renegades round 2

Admit Defeatrenegades admit 2

Galaxy 2/3 War

They fked in first round so we fked back. 2nd round is legit. 

DeclareGalaxy Declare

Round 1Galaxy war 1

Round 2Galaxy war 2

Admit DefeatGalaxy admit defeat